You Need to Feel to Heal

I need to address a huge problem that I’ve been seeing a lot of recently and may be a source of some controversy for some, but whatevs.

Traditional mindset work doesn’t work with depression and anxiety, ESPECIALLY if you’re on meds.

Changing your mindset requires that you become aware you have a “block”, to work through it and release it. To change your mindset, you literally are reprogramming all the cells in your body to a new belief. The old belief will always get triggered until is transformed and cleared from your being.

The majority of people (at least the ones I tend to work with) are aware of their blocks (or some semblance of it). It’s the working through part that people have trouble with.

Because it doesn’t feel good.
Because a lot of old shit comes to surface.
Because there’s a lot of ugly emotions to deal with.

If you’re on any psychotropic drugs, you WILL NOT be able to move through a block successfully.

Psych drugs are designed to numb you out. They’re bandaids on bullet holes. Your anxiety or depression didn’t go away – it got blanketed. Just because you can’t see or feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with needing medication for these conditions. Everyone’s experience varies wildly and these medications can be helpful. What I’m asking is for you to consider the possibility that you can live an extraordinary life without them – provided you’re available to do some soul-digging.

Depression and anxiety are NOT the life curse they’re made out to be. They’re not something to be fixed. THESE ARE GIFTS! But you can’t access the power they hold until you allow yourself to go through the muck.

And there’s a lot of muck in there. I know. I’ve been there.

Look, you’ve made it this far in life, treating these as burdens. Taking the pills every day because you wouldn’t be able to function otherwise.

As bad as depression and anxiety seem, the flip side is that much higher. Treat them as the gift they are and watch your world open up. Watch your true self bloom through the muck and ugliness because I promise, that’s waiting for you on the other side.

P.S. Do not come off your medication without your doctor’s supervision. It’s dangerous to abruptly stop psych drugs (think Kanye-style meltdown). There’s a way to make mindset breakthroughs while on meds so if you’re interested in finding out how, schedule your free assessment here.

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