This Is Not Ok

It’s all coming to light.

The stuff we’ve tried SO HARD to ignore.
The stuff we accepted as necessary evils.
The stuff we denied existed.

As an the American daughter of Pakistani immigrants, I’m surprised I had the privilege to wait before posting my thoughts on the current events of the past week. I’m grateful for that privilege.

Witnessing the displays of hate and terror changed me. I’ve seen it before. Most of my adult life has been plagued by endless such displays. This millennium has been indelibly marked by them.

Yet, it still shocked me to watch neo-Nazis with torches, marching on the streets of Charlottesville.

This is not ok.

It’s not irony that the deepest, darkest, most twisted parts of humanity are on display. This upcoming solar eclipse is a doozy. Mercury’s in retrograde too. The collective consciousness is reaching a tipping point … a point that MUST be reached in order for it to complete its transformation.

This is true for society as a whole, and us as individuals.

It’s not ok for white supremacists to kill a woman.
It’s not ok for Nazis to march the streets in the United States. In fucking 2017.
It’s not ok for the President of the United States to condone them.

But we can’t heal as a society until all this SHIT comes to light. Even though this is absolutely needed, it can still simultaneously be not ok.

Because now we know the devil we fight.
And sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The only way to get deal with this is by going through it.

It will suck (even more than it does now).
We will be ok.

But allow yourself to feel the shit. Because what’s on d
display may be in you too. And if we all focus on clearing this shit, however little. out of ourselves, the quicker we can heal as a whole.

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” ~Heather Here’s last FB post

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