Revive & Thrive


You took the leap of faith and are living life to your terms.


✅ Work on your terms

✅ Love on your terms.

✅ Life on your terms.


You know this experience called “life” is supposed to be simple, easy and FUN! You control your schedule, who you spend time, the work you share with world.


Then why don’t you FEEL great?




You already …

📔 Journal

🕉 Meditate

🥗 Eat your veggies (mostly 😉)

🛀🏽 Take your weekly epsom salt bath


Yet you still …

❌ Wake up tired

❌ Struggle to stay motivated every day

❌ Feel like your body isn’t holding up

❌ Feeling generally blah


This life-changing leap of faith was supposed to be exciting and fun, instead you’re bored and discouraged. You’re barely treading water and feel like your body is always on the brink of a breakdown.


You really want to …

🌞 Wake up every morning, rearing your live your day

🤸🏽‍♀️ Have a bulletproof body that supports all your dreams and desires

🔮 Feel connected to your body and how it feels, looks and moves

🦄 Stop surviving and start thriving (AKA “The Unicorn Life”)


Welcome to Revive & Thrive!

The interactive online experience for the go-getter who’s ready to shift from burnout to unicorn status (rainbow farts 🌈💨and all!)

Each Revive & Thrive series is designed to tackle one area of Millennium Burnout:

➡️ Body Stuff

➡️ Inside Stuff

➡️ Brain Stuff

➡️ Sex Stuff

➡️ Energy Stuff

In each series, you get:

  • 8 weeks of detailed material, including video and worksheets (released week-by-week)
  • Start, Midway & End of course assessments to track your progress
  • Downloads available so you have the course for life to help you in the future as you need

Investment: $249 per series

(or 2 payments of $175 per series)


Is this right for me?

What’s required from you so you get the most out of the course?

👉🏾 A commitment to taking action, despite feeling uncomfortable

👉🏾 An intermediate knowledge of mindset work

👉🏾 An intermediate knowledge and previous experience of changing various lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, stress management, exercise and sleep

👉🏾 Trusting the process

For a limited time only,  each series will have an upgrade option that includes 1:1 coaching. For more information, please email

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