What does your IDEAL day look and feel like?

  • Feeling happy and confident to work towards your dreams?
  • Being productive on the daily and making an impact in the world?
  • Making quick and definitive decisions that are almost always the right one?

Are you living the WORST Groundhog Day ever?

  • Being mired in self-doubt and low self-confidence that stops you from even starting?
  • Feeling like your brain just. won’t. stop. getting in your way?
  • Having trouble getting psyched for the day or mailing it in before it even starts?

Every Sunday night, you go to bed promising yourself that tomorrow you’ll be better. Tomorrow, you’ll start doing all the things that you know will help you feel better, live better, BE better.

Then you don’t.

You spend the next day and week doing what you’ve always done.

You berate yourself for doing what you’ve always done because you know better.

You hate yourself just a little bit more every day, even though you tell yourself otherwise.

This pattern is common to anyone who has dealt with mental illness. There are some variations (of course) but the jist is the same – promise to be better, fail, feel bad, repeat.

I lived like this for over 20 years. Depression and anxiety gave way to addiction, which led to more depression and anxiety … and on and on. For 20 years, I just got by. I did what I had to do to get through the day, but inside, I was dying.

I felt trapped by my mind and I couldn’t get away from it. I was identified with being someone who had depression and anxiety. I lived through 2 suicide attempts. All I knew was living with these conditions.

6 years ago, I decided I had had enough!

Like me, you may have reached out to the “normal” places for help:

🔍 doctor

🔍 therapist

🔍 psychiatrist

Maybe these paths worked for you – maybe they didn’t.

They didn’t work for me.

When I was given a prescription for an anti-depressant, I couldn’t fill it. Although I knew nothing of the side effects, something within me wouldn’t let me get on mind-altering drugs.


The system was beginning to fail me and I needed a way out. So I built my own.

I started applying my medical education to my research of drug-less healing. I tried all the therapies and all the diets. I did the meditations, yoga poses and the supplements.

I did it all so that I could be there for you where no one was for me.


The medical system isn’t equipped to help you with your mental health. Despite the extensive education, doctors are trained for only one type of health management – with pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, these drugs cause more problems than they solve.

If you have had a less-than-stellar experience with drugs and doctors, you’re not alone. The system is broken – not you!

It’s my firm belief that mental illness is the shadow of immense greatness. In other words, your ‘depression, anxiety, etc’ is actually your super power! You just need to learn how to use it right 😉

That’s where I come in. No matter what your experience has been so far, I want you to know that as long as you’re alive, you can get better.

You don’t have to spend your life tiptoeing around your brain and its mood each day.

You can have complete control over how you think, feel and live. In fact, you’re MEANT for it!

I’m here to be your partner in health as you learn how to tap into your intuition, zap away any self-doubt and create a life you LOVE!

You can schedule your free assessment call here and learn more about me here.